Termite Pest Control Woes – Signs You Could Be Facing Problems

Termite control

Termite Pest Control Woes – Signs You Could Be Facing Problems

Termites may have been doing their own share in preserving the environment, , i.e. breaking down waste products by contributing critical nutrients into soil, but they are without a doubt one of the unwelcome guests in one’s house. Considered as the most silent invaders, these pests mostly feed on wood, leaving a mark of destruction without you knowing. Without appropriate attention and solution to eradicate them, they have a huge chance of hampering the structure and integrity of your home, thereby requiring you to bear with the huge cost to repair it.

Among the wide family of termites, two kinds are mostly seen in houses and structures: the “drywood termites“, and the subterranean termites. Drywood termites usually dig deep within wooden structures while subterranean ones usually nest and live underground.

To save your house from such pest problems or keep the damage at low, early action and prevention methods should be carried out. Here are the most common signs you could be facing termite problems at home:

  • A Swarm’s Presence Anywhere In Your Area

termite controlHave you been noticing a number of flying termites under your roof? The winged ones usually emerge from the ground in groups called “reproductive swarms”. They appear especially in early summer or in spring. Every swarm typically has members looking for a mate in it, and they would eventually reproduce to establish a colony. If you have spotted any swarms in your area, or at least noticed a number of discarded wings in specific corners like the basement, consider it a strong sign that a termite colony have intruded your property.

  • Structural Property and Construction Damage 

Termites can nest in your walls and house structures. Drywood termites, for instance, are usually found in walls or furniture. They are the usual culprit of damages even in antique ones. Apparently, though, not only structures made of wood are considered termite invasion targets. They also pose a threat to structures made of other selective materials apart from feeding on ceilings, floors, cabinets, and wooden furniture. In fact, termites are also capable of passing through metal sliding windows, plasters, and more.

Termites are called silent invaders because they are often unnoticed until considerable damage is seen.

If you have seen a suspicious damage in your properties or home construction, know that it may be a sign of a serious termite problem. Because of there silent nature, it may be practical to seek regular help from a pest control company.

  • Narrow Mud Tubes

These mud tubes that run along your outside walls may indicate that termites have put up tunnels between their source of food that is your wooden structures, and their nest. If you have noticed tunnels along your house foundation, it could be a sign that subterranean termites have infested in your underground area.

  • Hollow Sounds

Try tapping your wooden walls and furniture from time to time. More often than not, a hollow kind of sound means some creatures are starting to feed on these woods from the inside. A hollow sound is one of the early signs that termites are beginning to destruct your property. Unfortunately, late detection usually means termite infested woods might need complete replacement.

Other specific and easy-to-remember warning signs that termites have infested or are about to intrude are as follows:

  • Crumbling wood
  • Discoloration and presence of small holes in dry walls
  • Floorboards with excessively squeaky sound
  • Windows or doors that are hard to move
  • Patterns visible in furniture, walls, and floor boards that are usually maze-like
  • Tiles loosening
  • Presence of drywood termite pellets that usually appear like small piles of pepper or salt

pest control companyBecause presence of termites can be hard to determine, a regular thorough inspection of any property is vital to prevent structural damages. If you barely have time to do the inspections yourself, call a pest control hotline right away. Their professionals are usually armed with the right equipment and knowledge in assessing whether you really have termite visitors or not. They also offer solutions to completely eradicate them.


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