House Disinfection in Singapore

A healthy environment is important for your children and parents. Of course, you strive for keeping your home clean and disinfected. Coronavirus outbreak has made people think much about the disinfected environment and so, Top Pest Control brings you a chance to disinfect your house with their home disinfection services in Singapore.


We strive to bring you a disinfected environment to help you fight the coronavirus outbreak. Our commitment to delivering you the best and pest-free environment keeps you stay carefree about the house disinfection & cleaning responsibility. We take the pledge to provide you 99.999% virus, bacteria, and odor-free environment through our virus disinfection service in Singapore.

Helping you fight COVID-19 and other flues is our prime concern. Our services ensure you get a disinfected environment to provide your loved ones with a clean and infection-free environment. Our home sanitizing services in Singapore assure no viruses could cause you damage to you and your loved ones. In fact, we promise to serve you an environmentally-friendly, disinfected, low-toxic environment to flourish good health.

Virus Disinfection in Singapore

With a team of professionals, we focus on providing you family-friendly solutions and create a safe environment where you can make lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether it pest-related troubles or odor problems, we strive to work in your favor always. Let’s fight coronavirus and stay safe with pest control services meant for your healthy life.


  • Does not stain fabrics
  • Used on all surfaces such as walls, floors, carpets, etc.
  • Non-irritant, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic
  • Cost effective compared to other disinfectants & sterilizers
  • Can be used safely and effectively on monthly basis
  • Control/extermination to air-borne viruses
  • Infection control e.g Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), Swine Flu (H1N1), Avian Flu (H5N1) etc.