Rodent Control Singapore

Rodent Control Singapore

Rodent Control in Singapore has alway been a challenge. Rodents, like rats and mice, can be found breeding in housing estates and become especially problematic when they threaten food hygiene in hawker centres and even in homes. Rodents may contaminate uncovered food and introduce deadly viruses and bacteria to the environment, making them exceedingly threatening to humans. As they are extremely wary of changes made to their habitats, they are often able to outsmart humans, making it less successful for bait and rat traps to eliminate the problem. At Pest Control Singapore, we offer simple and effective rodent control services at prices you can well afford.

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Signs Of Rodent Colonies

Signs of Rodent Colonies

Spotting rat or mouse droppings on the floor is usually a huge sign of a rodent infestation. Rodent droppings should not be handled without proper equipment as their excretions are known to contain many harmful bacteria that may cause serious disease in humans. Virus particles may also be dispersed by the rodent excretions, which may result in deadly viruses such as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) if the virus becomes airborne. Thus, if rat droppings are spotted, homeowners should contact a rodent control service immediately to ensure that the environment is properly sterilised before human activities may be resumed.

Detecting a strange odour in your house may be a hint that a dead rodent is present in your surroundings. Dead rats usually produce an odour when their bodies start to decompose. It is important that the body is discovered upon detecting the odour as it may take weeks for the body to completely decompose and the pungent smell to completely disappear. Dead rodents may also cause airborne diseases to be spread more quickly, making the people more susceptible to these deadly viruses.

Why Engage a Rodent Control Specialist?

Rodents have small body structures, which allow them to squeeze through small pipes, attics, burrows and even under concrete and wall voids. The fact that they often colonise in hard-to-reach areas, are able to outsmart our attempts to bait and trap them, coupled with their ability to reproduce rapidly, they are extremely difficult to eradicate entirely. Without the proper equipment, home and business owners alike are advised not to endanger themselves by coming into contact with rodents as they are capable of spreading airborne diseases that may prove to be fatal to humans. If a rodent infestation is suspected, it would be most wise to contact a rodent control service to assist in eradicating the problem so that the risk of disease spreading would be kept to a minimum.

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Why Top Pest Control?

Top Pest Control offers the most effective rodent control services in Singapore at an affordable price. We make use of a variety of methods that are guaranteed to solve your house mice and rat control problems effectively and efficiently, thus providing the most value-for-money rodent control service you can possibly ask for. Our licensed rodent control professionals are well-trained and experienced in dealing with rodent infestations and eradicating any rats or mice problem. Our employees are dedicated to providing the best quality pest control services to clients at an affordable price, guaranteeing that your homes and offices would be pest free.

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How do I get rid of rats?

To get rid of the rodents you need to remove three things food, shelter, and water, and also keep all your food in plastic bags.

What do rats hate most?

Rate hates the chemical odors smell of naphthalene and other smells of citronella, peppermint.

How does baking soda kill rats?

If a rat will eat baking soda so this will react and create carbon dioxide. Since rats can not pass gas, this will just build up within their digestive system.

Do rats hate aluminum foil?

Mice don’t like the smell and the taste of these items.

What is the best rodent control?

There are some following:

  • Peppermint Essential oil
  • Mice defense
  • Neatmaster Ultrasonic pest Repeller
What do professionals use to get rid of mice?

The best is to trap them and eliminate them, some of the baits may be dangerous to handle if you are not a professional.

How do you repel mice naturally?

1 – Peppermint oil can be an option because rats don’t like peppermint.
2- Apple cider vinegar & water you have to spray the mixture around the house as well at the access too.
3- Fabric softener sheet can be a nice choice because the rat can not stand the smell of a fabric softener.

What time of night is rats most active?

Rats are more active between dusk and dawn. If you see rats during the daytime it means their nest has been disturbed.

How do you stop rodent infestation?

In order, you need to seal up all the holes inside and outside the home. Try to place traps around the home and always ensure not to leave left food items open.

How do you know when all the rats are gone?

Just to confirm this you can look for some scurrying or squeaking sound within the walls. This can confirm the presence of the rat in your house.