Ways to identify pests in your home and control them

Ways to identify pests in your home and control them

Do you want to know all about the chief home invaders? Yes, you should have proper information about pests and home invaders that include ants, cockroaches, and lizards. Most of these pests or home invaders are found in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and balcony. More than 75% of pests are found in the kitchen as there are so many reasons for it. This can be the top hiding place for the pests like termites, rodents, ants, cockroaches, and more.


Having pests in the home can be quite challenging and risky. The top 3 challenges include:

  • Bites & allergies: These common pests like cockroaches/insects are not good for health as they can trigger allergies and Asthma. Skin, saliva, and other body parts of the cockroaches contain allergen proteins that can trigger allergy mainly in kids.
  • Droppings or stains: finding a large number of cockroach droppings on cabinets, washers, dryers, walls, room corners, and many such places can be quite annoying.
  • Frequent pest infestations:


Circumstances that may attract pests:

These circumstances include wall cracks, damaged flooring, infested cabinets and wardrobe, leaking pipes, and more. They are attracted by the shelter as they need coolness in summer and warmth in winter. They also attracted towards the open and unsealed food. Sometimes they attack your home for the sake of grabbing pet food left opened, baked goods or crumbs on the kitchen floor. Dripping faucets and leaking pipes offer enough moisture to pests and keep them active.

Factors to consider while choosing pest control:

  • Cost: You should think about the cost that it takes to control pests in your house. You should look for the pest control company that can offer you the best services within affordable price. You can also try some tools and DIY solutions to manage them.
  • Long term commitment: You should look for the option that can offer you the best result and long term commitment.
  • Perceived condition is trivial


How to find out the best Pest Control Company?
  • Friends and family: You can ask for the recommendations. If your family or friends have already used the services of any pest control company, then they can suggest you the right option to look into.
  • Internet: You should explore websites of the companies that provide such services. You can check the types of services they offer and cost. You can also know all about the quality of the solutions they offer by just reading reviews and testimonials.
  • Social media: people talk about the company or service providers via social networking sites so you can also get more information about the services via these channels.


Best solutions to keep the pest away:

  1. DIY solutions (42%):
  2. Tools found in Supermarket (69%):
  3. Practice good housekeeping (70%):
  • Clean spills
  • Remove clutter
  • Use a bin with lid
  • Fix leakage
  • Empty trash regularly
  • Keep food in well-sealed containers

You need to keep home clean and get the leaking pipes repaired.

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