Pest Control: Preventing Pests at Home

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Pest Control: Preventing Pests at Home

10 Effective Pest Control Tips For Rodents, Ants, And Bugs

Your morning can be ruined if a roach, spider, or rodent in your house is the first thing you come across. Flying bugs such as flies and mosquitoes and even ants can ruin your backyard BBQ party and dent your home’s image as a clean pest-free place.  You can keep these unwelcome bugs and critters away with the following pest control Singapore tips.

  •    Block Their Entry

Establishing preventive measures that make it difficult for pests to enter your home is one of the primary elements of your first line of defense. Ensure that you close off any gaps and entry points around your doors and windows. Also, upgrade the vents to ensure they only allow air in and out of your house.

  •    Inspect And Clean The Indoor And Outdoor Furniture

For most homes, cleaning involves the floors and walls forgetting the furniture and ceiling. The right approach to cleaning should have and up – down system where you start with the ceiling moving down the wall to the furniture and finishing with the floors. This way, you will also manage to dust, vacuum and clean very thing thus reducing the chances of having bugs thriving in your furniture and other areas that are often overlooked.

  •    Store Food Properly

Make sure all foods are stored properly and get rid of crumbs on the floor, counters, sink and other surfaces. Do not leave anything that the pests can eat particularly the rats, ants and cockroaches. Also, take out the trash and keep the bin covered.

  •    Clean Up The Yard

You should always maintain a clean surrounding in and outside the house. Keep the overgrowth at bay and pests will not find places to make their nests. Mow the lawn, weed the garden, prune the bushes, trim the trees and rake up the debris.

  •    Get Rid Of Standing Water

The first step in controlling the mosquito infestation in your home is getting rid of stagnated water. Take a walk around your property to check for any standing water. Also, pick any items scattered throughout the yard that may hold water.

  •    Dealing With Termites

Treat any exposed timber in your home’s structural foundation protecting it against termites and other wood-destroying bugs. If you use firewood, store it at a distance from your house or shed (at least five feet away). The pile of wood should be stored in racks and around a foot off the ground.

  •    Don’t Throw Perishables Out Too Soon

If you have to throw away any perishables, do so only if you are sure that the garbage will be picked up within 36 hours. You can keep them in an airtight back and have designated containers for them that have an airtight lid. You should observe this rule more so during summer when the days are hot and speed up the decaying processes of most perishables. The smell of rotting meat, fruits and vegetables attract all manner of insects and animals including squirrels and raccoons.

  •    Don’t Bring The Outside In

The kids or pets love playing with toys, but you should have inside toys, and those meant for outdoor playtime. Thoroughly clean or wipe down any outside toys as well as furniture that you intend to bring into the house.

  •    Keep Your Pets Clean

Pets can be carriers of dirt and bugs especially if they spend most of their time outdoors. Always ensure that your yard is a clean place for them to play in; this limits chances of the animals bringing insects into your house. Also, clean the pets regularly to ensure they are free of any bugs.

  •    Use a Pest Control Service

The last move is to higher pest control Singapore professionals how will create customized plans to help in treating and managing pests in your home and surroundings.

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