Ways to Remove Bees From Your Homes

Ways to Remove Bees From Your Homes

Safe and Effective Ways To Remove Bees

bees controlWhile bees are essential to the ecosystem, you do not want to have a hive close to your home.  Beehives close to your home can cause a number of problems and will be a major safety concern. This is why you need to know about the safe and effective ways for bees control without killing them.

Calling A Beekeeper

The best way for bees control is actually to call in a professional.  You will generally be able to find out about local beekeepers online.  If you cannot find any information, call the local animal services who will provide you with the information that you need.

When you call a beekeeper, they will be able to remove the hive safely and completely.  The bees will then be taken to a new location where they can continue making honey and pollinating plants.  Bees that are removed by a beekeeper will generally not return to your property and this will limit any recurring problems.

Smoking The Bees Out

Another good way to remove bees from your property is to use smoke.  It is important to note that with this method, you will still need to remove the hive or the problem could persist.  Smoke is one of the best ways to get rid of honey bees and is a simulation of a natural process which will not harm the bees at all.

When bees detect smoke in and around their hive, their natural instincts will tell them that there is a fire and they need to abandon the hive.  The smoke will also mask pheromone alarms which generally cause the bees to become aggressive. When the hive is subjected to continuous and consistent smoke, the bees will start their migration process.

This process will start with the bees consuming as much honey from the hive as they can.  They will then fly off in search of a new hive. Being full of honey will limit the aggression of the bees because their stinging reflexes will become slower.  Of course, this does not mean that you should not take precautions such as wearing thick protective clothing can covering your face.

To smoke out the hive, you will need to create a fire that will produce smoke for a prolonged period.  The fire will need to be placed under the hive to ensure that the smoke reaches the bees. It is recommended that you start the fire early in the morning because the bees will then be able to find a new hive far away from your home by sunset.  Early morning will also be when the whole hive will be full so you will not be missing any bees.

There are many ways that you can get rid of bees, but many of these methods will kill them.  If you want to naturally remove the bees without killing them, you should use smoke. Of course, working with a professional beekeeper is the best solution because they have the tools and knowledge to remove the hive.


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