Rodent Control Methods to Eliminate Rats

Rodents Control

Rodent Control Methods to Eliminate Rats

Every pest is annoying in its own way but rodents are probably the filthiest and most disgusting kind there is. Not only they chew, gnaw, and burrow on whatever is at hand – be it be a pile of old magazines and newspapers, fabrics, or clothes, wiring, insulation, and a lot others that can cause significant damage to one’s home, they also contaminate food, drinks, and surfaces that can pave way for the spread of diseases affecting people and pets.

rat infestationWhile it is convenient to seek assistance from the nearest pest control company, unfortunately not everyone has the time or dime to afford such services. Luckily, though, there are many available information on the rat control methods that one can do at home to counter rodents’ infestation. Take a look at these effective methods below:

  1. Elimination of Rats Using Rat Traps

Using traps is one of the oldest ways to catch rodents yet it remains to be effective to date. Rat traps are believed to be very effective should one want to resort to a non-toxic approach to eliminate rodents.

Nowadays, there are three most commonly used types of rat traps. These are Electronic Traps, Glue Traps, and Snap traps. They may be different in terms of look but they share the same function that is, obviously, to trap rats. All of them give a fast solution to a rodent control problem and can be used or reused a lot of times, hence economical. But apart from that, a lot of people love using traps because they are able to confirm the success of rat elimination by seeing if there is a rat to recover or not in contrast to using poisons that may leave dead rats unrecovered.

If you wish to use this kind of trap, make sure to place them in strategic areas where rodents are most active. Also, it is believed that the more traps you place, the higher your success rate will be in completely eliminating them. And because there are rats that are harder to catch since they are extra cautious of new objects appearing in their surroundings, in this case, just play a small trick by leaving the traps unset and baited for a couple of days before setting them to work.

  1. Elimination (and Prevention) of Rats Using Repellents

Another effective way to counter and control rat problems at home is by using ultrasonic rodent repellents in which high-pitched frequency sound waves producing a non-repetitive pattern is used to avoid rodents from habituating to the sound. To take its effectiveness to a higher level, the loudest spike in sound replicates the scream of a dominant male rodent, allowing the fake dominant rodent to discourage the real ones from inhabiting a territory. However, note that ultrasonic frequencies are not able to travel between walls. Hence, if you plan to use this approach, make sure you have many ultrasonic units to place in multiple rooms.

  1. Controlling and Eliminating Rats through Prevention

Where there is easy access to food and shelter, rodents are likely to stay. In other words, if you fail to keep her surroundings clean, it is almost as good as inviting rats and other pets to live in your house. Sanitation efforts are vital to reduce or entirely eliminate these chances.

The following are easy and effective solutions that are often neglected to prevent rats from infesting one’s place:

  • Seal off every unauthorized tiny openings in your home. Remember, rats only need half an inch to gain an entry to your peaceful abode.
  • Eliminate their rodents’ food sources by making sure no food leftovers are kept out in the open. Keep your kitchen and dining area clean at all times and do not leave dishes unwashed after eating.

For more rodent control just call your local pest control.

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