How Often Should You Treat Your Home For Pests?

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How Often Should You Treat Your Home For Pests?

Any pest control management expert will tell you that prevention is better than cure and treating your house on a regular basis is essential to stop a pest problem or infestation from ever occurring in the first place. But how often should you treat your home as an effective pest prevention solution?

This depends on a variety of different factors:

  1. Location

The location of your property may make your home more susceptible to certain pest infestations such as termites. The higher the risk your location presents, the more often you should have your home inspected and treated. In high risk areas, an inspection is recommended at least every two months.

  1. Prior Infestations

infestations - pest control managementIf you have had a pest problem in the past, it is more than likely that the same types of pests will return in the future if treatment doesn’t continue. It is advisable to have the property inspected shortly after an eradication treatment was performed to ensure that it was effective and then again a couple of months later. After this, have your property inspected once every two to three months to ensure that the pests have stayed away.

  1. Materials

The materials that your home is made of may be more attractive to pests than in other structures nearby. For example, a home made entirely of wood or containing wooden structures will be far more attractive to a range of different pests than brick and mortar. It is advisable to have regular inspections performed as well as the wood, thatch or other natural material treated on a regular basis to keep the pests away.

  1. Age And Condition

The age and condition of your home can also contribute to pest problems occurring. Older homes that are not in the best condition are more likely to attract pests than newer homes. Cracks, damage and just poor upkeep of the property can create the ideal habitat or environment for pests. It is recommended to repair and renovate an older home as a preventative measure and to have it inspected and treated on a regular basis.

  1. Types Of Pests And Treatments

Different types of pests require different types of treatments, each of which will vary in efficacy, especially when it comes to the duration over which a treatment will last. General pest treatments that target a range of different insects and bugs should be performed at least every 3 months. Targeted approaches for a specific pest may need to be more intensive and performed more often to be entirely successful. The severity of the infestation may also play a role in how often your home will need to be treated.

It is recommended to have a professional inspection performed before purchasing a new property and have it treated before moving in. In all cases, it is highly recommended to follow the advice of local pest control experts. They will be able to provide you with an effective inspection and pest control management schedule taking into account your location and other above mentioned factors.

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